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Since he had not had alcohol in two days, and he typically drank every day, it was concluded by the BSN nurse that the patient was actually going through severe alcohol withdrawal. Every day, new developments emerge and new diseases and cures are found.

Nursing plays a very critical and important part in efficient care and patient safety. Get Access Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the ADN Essay Sample Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the ADN level versus the BSN The field of nursing is changing every day, and has dramatically changed since Florence Nightingale first pushed for more continuing education for nurses.

AORN Journal, 98 2 Career Pathways in Nursing: However, with the additional communication based training that the BSN nurse does during their schooling, they have learned to ask a lot of questions to get the entire picture of the patients life. The overall outlook of the nursing field has changed intensely in the hundreds of years since it first become a needed profession.

Differences in Competencies Between Adn and Bsn Nurses

Nurses work with other medical professionals in treatment planning and management. The nursing profession then calls for better qualified nurses, but that does not mean that the qualification the nurses do have has to come from a BSN program, experience also had an effect on the abilities of the nurse.

The two different education levels of the treating nurses then changed the outcome of the route of patient care that would be taken in this scenario. What was found during the research of the two programs, ADN versus the BSN, that more emphasis was put into the critical thinking area of the BSN program which makes the decision making skills of the BSN educated nurse more competent resulting in better the patient outcomes.

Differences in competencies - Essay Example

Only two nursing education levels will be compared within this paper, they are the associate degree, and the baccalaureate degree nurse, whom have both completed and passed the NCLEX-RN. Patient Care Situation Inside the correctional facility, the nurse is called to the pod for a possible seizure, when the nurse arrives the patient is awake, and responsive.

The ADN nurse may treat what they believe is a seizure solely based on what they were told, and by assessing their medication usage of Depakote. What is your Opinoin?

So, the BSN educated nurse had the educational background to investigate deeper into the purpose of the Depakote that he was taking, he had severe depression, rather than a seizure disorder. Baccalaureate degree nurses have completed a four-year college nursing program that focuses on evidenced-based clinical practice and leadership, and also includes the same foundations as the ADN courses.

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 13 33. Nursing theories come from many different areas of concepts, including humanities, sciences, and biblical Grand Canyon University,p.

Conclusion Education is a never ending process. Entry Points and Academic Progression. The ADN educated nurse may begin to take vitals, and assess for injury. More essays like this: Nurses at both the ADN and the BSN level must continuously be learning and broadening their knowledge base for better patient outcomes.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.Differences in Competencies between Baccalaureate and Associate degree levels in Nursing October, 28 A Registered nurse is a healthcare professional who artfully delivers care with compassion, caring and respecting a client’s dignity.

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Essay on Competency Difference Between Adn and Bsn. Essay on Differences in Competencies in ADN and BSN Degrees Words | 4 Pages. More about Essay on Competency Difference Between Adn and Bsn.

Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the ADN Essay Sample

Essay on Competency Differences Between Adn vs Bsn Nurses Words | 4 Pages. Differences in Competency between ADN and BSN Nurses Essay on Differences in Competencies Between Adn and Bsn.

Differences in Competency between Associate degree Prepared Nurses versus Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses A BSN represent a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, while an ADN is an Associate’s Degree in.

The differences in competencies Essay. A+. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay Use of patient care situation to describe differences in approach to nursing care based upon formal educational preparation in nursing is accurate and supported with detail, while demonstrating deeper understanding by incorporating.

The differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate degree level versus the baccalaureate degree level in n - Essay Example.

The differences in competencies 2 essay
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