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He carries him in his apartment and tries to put some sense into this White dude. White, Sunset limited the other hand, feels human existence is meant to suffer and then end. I also liked the little details like the black coffee, the Sunset limited erased at the bottom of the Bible, the absence of tv and radio, the lockers on the door and not to mention the biggest detail of them all Tommy Lee Jones left and Samuel L.

Faith, science, culture, logic, mathematics, metaphors, feelings, achievements Suffering and human destiny are the same thing.

The Sunset Limited

Resuming the second day of the trip, it arrives in Houston at lunchtime, Lafayette at rush hour, and the middle of the night in New Orleans. You can actually just listen to this movie and not even see it. The two characters are called Black who is a kind religious black man and White who is a well-read white man.

A dark, heavy, thought-provoking read.

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The duality of belief, as a general term, is analyzed completely in this great approach of the Cormac McCarthy novel in which the two main protagonists, "named" simply Black Samuel L. A highlight of the trip is the crossing of the Huey P.

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The journey takes two days to complete in each direction. We are hoping to free the world from the hands of the manipulators and selfish dictators, we organize revolutions, we fight for freedom but in the end we all get trapped in the same positions as we were before. Even in a messy world we could find order We live in a world where rejection, where pain, where slavery and failure are common attraction to the atrocious tourists.

For what it is, The Sunset Limited is nicely done, but it is the subject matter that is the determining factor at how enjoyable it is. The two personalities showcase the extreme dichotomies in differing human perceptions of reality.

Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones both give some of the best and most passionate acting of their careers in this film.

The underlying theme of this discussion is suffering and death. The opening scene has Black interrogating White about his attempted suicide.

The full 90 minutes of screen time takes place in a single room apartment with only a couple central characters to follow. Throughout the dialogue each character takes witty jabs at the other, trying to get them to expose their personalities a little further.

Jackson in the movie The Sunset Limited is a play about a dialogue between two men sitting within the confinement of the walls of one room. We live in a world where prostitution is legalized even in the cultural state of the society.

However, the Sunset Route had two major advantages over the other two routes. Two men in an apartment with their opposing beliefs. Jackson and White Tommy Lee Jones are debating over a serious and dangerous issue.

Going further to the execution, the story is well structured, the dialogues are haunting, the cliches are gone because even if you find them they tend to leap by the end of the film, the acting is impeccable and the technical aspect of the movie was a comfortable surprise.The Sunset Limited is a television film directed by and starring Tommy Lee film co-stars Samuel L. was the duo's second collaboration, after the film Rules of. Check out our Rail Vacations that ride on the Sunset Limited Train Route. The Sunset Limited has 7, ratings and reviews. Huda said: داخل حجرة متواضعة لا يكسو عريها سوى منضدة صغيرة تتوسطها‏ ‏يجلس 4/5.

Product Description. The Sunset Limited is a searing, two character drama that mixes humor and pathos while examining the relationship between two strangers who are brought together by desperate /5().

Feb 12,  · Watch video · Directed by Tommy Lee Jones. With Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones. Through a chance encounter, two men of opposing ideologies deliberate spiritual, philosophical, and profound matters in a New /10(25K). A God-fearing ex-con (Samuel L.

Jackson) saves a despondent college professor (Tommy Lee Jones) from throwing himself in front of a speeding subway train, and struggles to comprehend the suicidal Director: Tommy Lee Jones.

Sunset limited
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