Sullivan s interpersonal model advantages and disadvantages

Peplau’s Contributions to Psychiatric and Nursing Knowledge

A literature review of the progress of the psychiatric nurse-patient relationship as described by Peplau. BA in interpersonal psychology - Bennington College in Henry Davidson, applauded Peplau on all the good she was doing for nursing students, how their presence improved patient outcome and how they were accomplishing something, he thought, could not be achieved by doctors.

The initial depression or other feelings are described in detail.

Hildegard Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory

The person cannot be redirected to a task; he or she focuses only on scattered details and has physiologic symptoms of tachycardia, diaphoresis, and chest pain. Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice 2nd Ed.

Can J Nursing Res ;33 3: A significant therapeutic interpersonal process. A feminist critique of psychiatric nursing discourse. Identification Phase The identification phase begins when the client works interdependently with the nurse, expresses feelings, and begins to feel stronger.

Major Concepts The theory explains the purpose of nursing is to help others identify their felt difficulties. Concept development in nursing: The phases of the therapeutic nurse-client are highly comparable to the nursing process making it vastly applicable.

Nursing theories and models.

Sullivan’s Interpersonal Model

Even though their smaller, community-based focus is what attracts many credit union customers, it may be one of the inconveniences of banking with them. While nurses learn a great deal of their knowledge about the discipline of nursing in their basic education program, they continue to build on this acquired knowledge as they practice.

If you need a large commercial mortgage loan, for example, your city credit union may not be able to provide you with one. The identification phase begins when the client works interdependently with the nurse, expresses feelings, and begins to feel stronger.

In the first half of the 20th century the medical model of disease was dominant and formal nursing theories did not exist. Iss Ment Health Nursing ;26 4: John Wiley and Sons; Elderly women and loneliness. This simplicity leads to adaptability in any nurse-patient interaction, thus providing generalizability.

What is Interpersonal Therapy?

All rights reserved Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Many people work for a few months and once they have recovered from the immediate problem they discontinue therapy.

Peplau and her conceptual framework of interpersonal relations contributed to clinical, conceptual and empirical knowledge, not only in the realm of psychiatric nursing for which it was initially intended, but for nursing as a whole in an array of settings.

Interpersonal psychotherapy

Other than what Florence Nightingale proposed informally, Peplau can be credited with providing the first formal conceptual framework for nursing.

Releasing the therapeutic potential of the psychiatric nurse: Jones and Bartlett; Chapter 9 – Interpersonal Relationships I.

Advantages and disadvantages of interpersonal relationships A. Advantages 1. Lesson loneliness 2. Provide stimulation 3. Enhance self worth and self esteem 4. Sullivan's Interpersonal Model: Advantages and Disadvantages. Peplau’s Theoretical Model of Interpersonal Relations Peplau’s theoretical model of interpersonal relations revolves around psychodynamic nursing where the nurse seeks to understand her own and others behaviour and to apply the principles of human relations to one’s identified needs This relationship evolves through 4 phases from.

Jul 31,  · Interpersonal therapy is a type of short-term psychotherapy model based on the work of Henry Stack Sullivan and then discussed at length in several articles and books by Gerald Klerman and Myrna Weissman, from the s through the s.

Its principle aim is to treat conditions like unresolved depression. Advantages Sullivan believed that relationships do in fact change and affect the developmental stages of a person’s life during the course of their life. He thought that as people change it can affect or change the relationship they have with others.

Although Peplau does not directly address society/environment, she does encourage the nurse to consider the patient’s culture and mores when the patient adjusts to hospital routine.

Hildegard Peplau considers nursing to be a “significant, therapeutic, interpersonal process.”. The theory was influenced by Harry Stack Sullivan's theory of inter personal relations (). Nursing is an interpersonal process because it involves interaction between two or more individuals with a common goal.

Advantages of services are used is based on the needs and interests of the patients.

Sullivan s interpersonal model advantages and disadvantages
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