Strategic objectives of grameenphone

GrameenPhone is committed to recruit suitably qualified and experienced Bangladesh citizens for vacant positions by way of: GP also set a strong networking system. GP also sponsored Bangladesh national cricket team to buildup a relationship to all kinds of people.

Strategic objectives GrameenPhone wants to maintain the lead and to overtake the competitors in the country is what GrameenPhone has been dedicated to seeking. GP create an excellent distribution channel to serve their product.

Promotional media include TV, daily newspapers, billboard, transportation advertising etc. Situation for promotion — Creation of new position, due to organizational re-structuring, or due to significant increase in the scope of a particular job.

But GP believes that if a customer want quality services then ha must to pay high rates.

It wants to offer broader and more attractive research for its products. There are five directors on behalf of the shareholders. Market-Driven program development Strategic brand management GP are one of the pioneer telecommunication company in Bangladesh.

Under no circumstances a regular or contract employee of any other organization is allowed to undertake regular, long-term or short-term contract employment in GrameenPhone.

Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. Employee Information Outside organizations or individuals may request GrameenPhone for ex-employee or present employee information.

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The researchers continuously conduct survey and other method to gather current market situation in whole over Bangladesh and periodically submit their report to the superior.

It wants to realize higher return on invested capital. GP are always try to provide best service for low prices. GSM brings the most advanced development in cellular technology at a reasonable cost by spurring severe competition among manufactures and driving down the cost of equipment.

GP have 5 divisions and 3 departments each having a director. In the spirit of internationalism, GrameenPhone may recruit senior employee from abroad in case suitable national employee could not be hired, upon approved by Board of Directors.

The proposals will be forwarded to HR on a quarterly basis, if any. Find ways to measure quality. Better quality leads to higher market share.

The company wants to increase training for its support staff to increase the ability to fix a problem on the first service call and to reduce the period of time consumers have to wait for technical help.Evaluating GrameenPhone's strategic objectives Grameenphones's basic strategy is coverage of both urban and rural areas.

The other 10% shares belong to 10%to general retail and institutional investors. It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor ( Starting its operations on March GP was the first company to introduce GSM.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec This report is meant to focus primarily on strategic objectives of GRAMEENPHONE TELECOM LTD, BANGLADESH and also endeavours to evaluate the quality and standards of this chosen company.

strategic objective of grameenphone Business Level Strategies: Using product features or services GP is distinguishing the firm’s offerings from its competitors. Some product features are Apon, Bondhu, Sohoj, Djuice, Xplore, Business Solution, Internet SIM, Public Phone, Village Phone etc.5/5(2).

strategic objective of grameenphone ltd. New manufacturing technologies are developing rapidly, resulting in new products/services, innovations and improvements in the manufacturing process, thus, requiring a proactive approach by organizations. Marketing strategy process Strategic situation analysis Marketing management uses the information provided by the situation analysis to guide the design of a new strategy or change an existing strategy.

Strategic Objectives Of Grameenphone contemporary use of technology is the key to the progress of a nation. Keeping this in mind, Grameenphone always brings the future proof technology in order to facilitate your progress.

Strategic objectives of grameenphone
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