Sex education in the philippines lrp essay

Youngsters are usually very curious to know all new things that came up to them especially abstract things such as sex. These students are in their teen or adolescent years where they are learning about who they are and what their feelings mean.

They are either too embarrassed about talking about the extreme topic of sex, afraid of providing to much information to push their children to act on what they have told them or shy of not knowing the answers to the questions that their children might ask.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC survey indicates that more than 47 percent of all high school students say they have had sex; and 15 percent of high school students have had sex with four or more partners during their lifetime. According to my interpretation, sex education should provide an opportunity for young people to develop and understand their values, attitudes, and beliefs about sexuality.

Sex Education in the Philippines Essay Sample

We cannot blame ourselves because we are living in a society with a stronghold of moral standards and conservatism. Sex is a natural part of life, and when questions arise, they can be discussed in a matured way without condoning certain behavior. Among students who had sex in the three months prior to the survey, 60 percent reported condom use and 23 percent reported birth control pill use during their last sexual encounter.

Sex Education in the Philippines LRP Essay Sample

In other words, it is about learning how we grow, reproduce and change over the years. And, they frequently learn through planned opportunities in faith communities, community-based agencies, and schools.

Sexuality education begins at home. It is not because they simply feel the urge to read or watch sex but perhaps they want to clarify and discover the truth about this matter. What do you think is the cause of this? Whether if they are married, in a relationship or in their high school years.

The program instructors also ought to receive adequate training and equipped with the required skills and knowledge to support the personal and social development of young people through sex education. Should it be taught in school or should it remain as a family affair?

Reproductive health, therefore, implies that people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safer sex life and that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so. It includes sexual development, reproduction, intimacy, gender roles and relationships.

Some have argued that open communication about sexual activity with children will initiate sexual activities at a younger age Bersamin et al. This will give your teen a base, a foundation in which the form questions and have conversation with you.

Essay: Importance of Sex Education

We cannot deny that we are in the state of adolescence, whereas we have these raging hormones that are easily stimulated by uncensorable knowledge from non-school, techno-social environment.

Furthermore, research had shown that children that are subjected to sex education are more apparent to practice safer sex. If the family, as the basic social unit and the ideal source of first learnings, is not capable of providing sex education, then it would be better if the government takes the responsibility in order to address these needed knowledge and values.

On the other hand, birth control pills is a contraceptive in a form of a tablet. Then you can be prepared for their questions with the correct answers, and not leave it to their friends or the media to educate them.

Teenage mothers are less likely to finish high school and are more likely than their peers to live in poverty, depend on public assistance, and be in poor health.

Sex education can develop skills and self esteem to help students enter adolescence. Children even learn about their sexuality when their parents speak to them, change their clothes, play with them or teach them their body parts.The educational system in the Philippines has not progressed in the past decades because of the lack of government support and the apathy of the Filipinos towards the inferior quality of education /5(5).

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Sex education also encompasses sexual development, affection, body image and gender roles. In other words, it is about learning how we grow, reproduce and change over the years.

It also includes a positive view of sex and the safety involved on sexuality. Sex Education in the Philippines Essay Sample. Basically, it is one of the few words that catch our attention.

Whenever we see the word “sex” in magazines, newspapers and other print materials, we tend to stop at some point and become interested to read the article where it is written. Some kids that are in sex education have never even heard of all the sexual transmitted diseases that are out there today.

They do not know the risks of being sexually active with many people. I. Implementing sex education in the Philippines becomes a debatable topic on its effect on students. A. Problems and Issues on sex is present in the Philippines. 1.

Sex education in the philippines lrp essay
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