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Professional letters of reference assess your current or previous performance in your career. Process for Appeals of Academic Decisions Appeals of academic decisions not included in the Policy on Academic Integrity and Misconduct or subject to the Grade Appeals Process, may be presented to successive levels of decision-making within the Faculty up to the Dean.

Please include the name of the organization, length of service, and a brief description of duties. Upon the return of an authorized Notice of Acceptance a student is formally registered in a program and associated courses.

Program Admission

Credit assigned through course challenge requires the approval of the receiving Dean and the Registrar. Students who are given a conditional acceptance into a program, and do not meet the conditions specified by the deadlines indicated in their Notice of Acceptance, will automatically have their registration deferred.

Research methods are still a key component and a 3 credit course teaching research methods is expected. Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada, must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card PR card along with their application.

Topics need not be original contributions to knowledge, but may constitute exercises in replication of relevant studies, application of knowledge to the field, development of instructional practices or policy analysis or development, surveys, creative work, documentary work and other types of projects negotiated with the program director.

The paper should require approximately hours of effort by the student resulting in the awarding of 6 credit hours.

International Year

List other training and personal development programs not already identified. Writing sample All applicants must submit evidence of competency in written communication. Each thesis will be reviewed by a Thesis Examination Committee consisting of the supervisor, a full-time faculty member in the program area and an academic examiner external to the program.

A portfolio is especially useful for those applicants who have career experience but lack the formal requirements for admission and wish to apply through our Flexible Admission process.

The thesis should constitute approximately hours of effort by the student resulting in the awarding of 12 credits. What does the Writing Centre do?

Entry Requirements

Please include name of organization, position, length of service month and yearand a brief description of responsibilities. Internal Course Credit Transfer Academic credit earned in one program at RRU, for which a credential was not earned, and accepted towards a different RRU certificate, diploma, or degree.

The use of such material either directly or indirectly without proper acknowledgement e. Please ensure that you demonstrate your management experience in your detailed resume, and clearly indicate how your years of experience meet the requirements In addition, the following supporting document will be added to the application requirements: Additional Recommendation s For all applicants, any acquisition of a professional designation, such as a CA, PMP, or other nationally recognized distinctions, should be noted on your resume in your application package.

Master of Business Administration in Executive Management The following information applies to intakes that start on or after August Simply click on the "Ask us" tab on the right side of the screen and type a keyword to search WriteAnswers.

The reference letters should confirm that an applicant is a suitable candidate for an MBA program. Students who successfully challenge a course are given credit for that course and are required to pay 50 percent of the normal prorated tuition for the course.

Dissertations in non-traditional formats must be accompanied by a written PDF summary minimum 2, wordswhich is the only component that is electronically submitted and archived.

The project should constitute approximately or or hours of effort by the student resulting in the awarding of 6 or 9 or 12 credit hours respectively. Work Experience Training and Professional Development List career related training and professional development programs completed with the past five years.

Appropriate quality standards such as validity, reliability, or authenticity must be consistent with the selected research tradition and evident in tool development and data collection. Appropriate standards of validity and reliability must be evident in tool development and data collection.

The Writing Centre helps RRU students become skillful writers by providing assistance face-to-face, by phone, and online for all types of academic writing e.

Information Technology Training and Experience: Both guides also provide introductory resources on academic research and writing. Students who take longer than the normal time to complete a degree program may be required to withdraw and re-apply for admission.

What do you hope to contribute to this program and the university? Some, but not all, research-related learning outcomes of the program will be demonstrated in the graduating paper. Distance courses A student will be required to retake the distance component of a program in a subsequent session if he or she is unable to complete the distance component and is unable to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the instructor s of the uncompleted course s the competencies associated with that component.

Training and Professional Development: Roles in which you lead others toward shared goals and outcomes. Course Challenge A student may challenge a course on the basis of prior knowledge or experience acquired outside the university.

Include any other experience of written or spoken English e. Other information or documents as may be requested to determine your eligibility.

An official English Language Proficiency score report or other evidence of proficiency if English is not your primary language.

Section 3: Attendance

Please feel free to browse the extensive resources available in the Writing Centre website.International Year. Gain the English language, study skills and academic knowledge you need to enter Year 2 of an undergraduate degree at Royal Roads University.

What This Program Gives You. Academic Writing; English for Academic Purposes - Advanced; Progress to Your Undergraduate Degree. Share Royal Roads Online. Email Twitter Facebook Linked In.

Section 3: Attendance. Academic Regulations. Students wishing to withdraw must notify the Registrar's Office in writing in accordance with the Voluntary Withdrawal procedures.

A student who does not engage in a course within the first seven calendar days (for example, by signing. Applicants who meet the degree requirement, but not the GPA, or have been away from academic writing for more than 10 years, will normally be required to take the “Academic Writing and Critical Thinking” course offered through Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University, and obtain a minimum B+ (77%) prior to commencing the program.

The Writing Centre helps RRU students become skillful writers by providing assistance face-to-face, by phone, and online for all types of academic writing (e.g., course assignment, major project, thesis/dissertation, scholarly communication).

A course available from Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University that meets this prerequisite requirement is: Introduction to Academic Writing and Critical Thinking - Continuing Studies -.

Professional & Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University offers inspiring and relevant courses, certificates, lectures and events exploring the new ways we can live our lives and work together toward a more sustainable future.

Royal roads academic writing course
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