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I was thinking about this when I listened to the new solo recording by Chris Jones, the bassist in my jazz quartet, Attention Screen.

Up to this point, turntables have had to limit bass performance to reduce the tendency for the stylus to pick up speaker vibrations, resulting in unsatisfying resonances and distortion acoustic feedback.

Sure, when I lowered the needle into the groove, I did hear enough groove noise to remind me that I was playing an LP. However, when I set the needle in the runout groove, turned the volume all the way up well past ear-splitting levelsand set the platter rotating, I could hear a very faint low-level hum from the motor to tell me it was on.

To reduce the transmission of vibrations, the motor is decoupled from the fiber-board plinth, which sits on four shock-absorbing feet. The turntable is a high-quality, European belt-drive model from Pro-Ject.

Project: Record Player

Not only was Project record player impressed with the sound, build quality, and features of this very affordable component, but, intrigued by how it might be combined with other gear to build a complete entry-level system for about a thousand bucks, I began to ponder other entry-level components that might nicely complement it.

Finally, I connected the turntable to the aforementioned Marantz and Paradigm Atom v.

THE+RECORD PLAYER plays Donald Fagen - I.G.Y. (Classic Rock). Headphones recommended.

The Ortofon cartridge outputs 4mV, tracks at 1. I felt a turntable would be a good place to start. I noticed no problem with speed consistency, even when playing piano recordings. Pro-Ject has designed an ingenious mechanism to "float" the motor above the plinth using a rubber O-ring, and it worked quite well.

My goal here, of course, is to inspire a new generation of young audiophiles. Kickstarter is a means for us to get out the word and engage with our customers, while raising funds that benefit the capital-intensive stage of manufacturing and fulfilling orders.

Even Michael Fremer is surprised at how hip it now is to play vinyl again, especially among the younger set. It features an award-winning light-tracking Ortofon cartridge that preserves your valuable vinyl collection, while providing musically expressive accuracy.

I was recently discussing the surge in vinyl demand among our youts with Josh Bizar, of audio and music retailer Music Direct, who sees the potential for future revenue in this development.

Designing a unique four-speaker array; Developing a special enclosure construction and bracing technique; Using the latest electronic DSP processing. As I unpacked and set up the Debut III, I noted how well-thought-out and simple the design is, and how rugged and stable it seems.

The instructions are clearly written; any mechanically challenged person who has never seen a turntable before should be able to set up a Debut III in 20 minutes.

In his words, "Young people are buying entry-level turntables, and someday they may actually have jobs. For this, we developed a specially designed, compact long-throw aluminum-cone woofer that performs as well as larger conventional woofers. Finally, the Debut III has an attractive plastic dustcover.

To overcome the lack of stereo separation typically found in all-in-one audio systems, we developed a wide listening mode: The phono cable terminates in gold-plated plugs. The headshell and undamped armtube are cut from a single piece of aluminum.Pro-Ject Debut III record player Robert J.

Reina | Feb 23, In the January issue of Stereophile I gushed effusively about the $ Marantz PM integrated amplifier. Essential III Flexi Range. Mehr erfahren. Pre Box S2 Digital. Mehr erfahren. Head Box S2 Digital. Mehr erfahren.

THE+RECORD PLAYER is a highly versatile analog and digital music system. In addition to 33/45 rpm vinyl playback, it includes Bluetooth to stream music from smart devices, optical input for connection to a digital audio source or TV, and a USB input/output to rip your vinyl to.

Nov 15,  · This is a video guide to setting up your Pro-Ject turntable. The turntable used in the video is the new Pro-Ject Debut S/E3, but the principles used are the same when setting up any Debut turntable, as well as the Xpression, RPM5 and some Xperience models.

A Project/One record player. This Project/One DR model semi-automatic turntable features an adjustable pitch, 33/45 rpm, and quartz lock. Includes audio and power cables.

from Most highly recommended. I don't know what else comes close for $" – Michael Fremer, Stereophile Pro-Ject's innovative Debut line redefined what an affordable turntable could deliver.

Pro-Ject has now once again challenged convention with the Debut Carbon, offering even better performance at an accessible price/5().

Project record player
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