Professional doctorate education non-dissertation

Courses include the core business functions of finance and accounting, human resources, marketing, and information technology. The time, date, and location of this examination is reported to the Graduate School via the online Request for Thesis or Dissertation Approval forms and must be submitted at least 10 days before the public defense.

Completion of 27 semester hours of coursework prior to candidacy: Through the study of business theory, core business functions, contemporary strategic and operational business challenges, and applied research culminating with a dissertation, students will be prepared to develop and lead initiatives for innovation and change and expand organizational capacity.

The DBA degree program is structured to support student learning in a format that works for working professionals, yet be comprehensive and rigorous. Doctoral students must be registered for at least one 1 hour of dissertation research credit during their term of graduation. The conduct of these examinations is the responsibility of the graduate program in which the student is enrolled and may consist of either individual examinations in several appropriate areas or a single combined examination.

Official degree types can be found here. Completion of 48 semester hours of coursework prior to candidacy: Design, conduct, and present applied research that addresses practical business problems. Three organization development concentration courses The organization development concentration courses are designed to provide students with a more in-depth knowledge and skill-set for initiating and managing organizational change.

Doctor of Business Administration – DBA

The Graduate School does not require these nine semesters to be consecutive i. Provide business leaders with the research, analytical, critical-thinking and decision-making skills to: A minimum of 15 hours of core coursework directly related to the discipline No more than 6 hours of non-dissertation research i.

Responsible Conduct in Research requirements must be completed within four 4 years prior to applying for candidacy as they expire after that time. Recommendations for graduate study committee composition are submitted by the advisor and the student to the program director, who subsequently submits these recommendations to the Graduate School Dean.

The advisor and student may then prepare a rebuttal statement that is submitted, along with the letter of dissent, to the advisory or executive committee of the program for review.

Completion of a Degree

These requirements also apply to students with previously earned M. The final committee-approved dissertation must be submitted for final review as a single PDF no later than 2 weeks 10 business days following the published deadline date for the public defense.

The first component is demonstrated by successful completion of advanced coursework of both a didactic and an unstructured nature as well as by adequate performance on the comprehensive examination.

Identification, analysis, and interpretation of researchable topics are studied, utilizing qualitative and quantitative software, to ultimately improve policies, programs, and practice in an organizational setting.

Each academic program at JWU has readily identifiable learning outcomes. UAB does not determine the official degree type awarded as this is governed by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education and the Board of Trustees after receiving a program proposal.

Such requirements become conditions for the completion of the degree. Courses which have been previously applied toward meeting the requirements of another degree are not eligible to satisfy minimum course credit requirements.

If the student resubmits or submits a revised dissertation for consideration by their graduate program, at least three members of the new examining committee shall be drawn from the original committee. If the rebuttal is rejected, the advisory committee can recommend to the student or advisor potential steps necessary to remediate the dissertation and potentially also the work therein, or the committee can recommend that the student be dismissed from the program.

This worksheet should detail the courses taken which are intended to be used toward meeting degree requirements. The meeting must be open to all interested parties, publicized on the UAB campus, and must take place before the posted semester thesis and dissertation defense deadline.

The chair of the committee shall notify the student in writing that the dissertation fails to meet the requirements of the program and will share the reason s for failure.

The three courses are complementary, building upon both the micro individual and macro group, organization levels to advance employee and organizational performance and results. Traditionally, the student demonstrates the second component by independently performing original research. Upon completion of the DBA program, graduates are expected to:Graduate Level Postbaccalaureate or Post-Master’s Certificates.

Several UAB graduate programs offer Certificates which do not involve conferral of. The JWU Doctor of Business Administration is a fully-online, credit program developed and assessed by the College of Business and delivered through the College of Online Education. The program is delivered in a cohort, semester-system model with two 8-week sessions in each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters over three years.


Professional doctorate education non-dissertation
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