Literary analysis of the book rainbow six by tom clancy

The infected athletes and spectators will travel back to their home countries and spread the highly contagious organism on a world-wide basis. Overall, a good solid thriller that could have been made more enjoyable with a reduced thickness.

The review of this Book prepared by Jacob Hurt A frightenly chillingly tale of how a group of wacked up environmentalists use terrorism to cover up their plot to ultimately eliminate humankind using biological means, and try to save the earth from being destroyed by man.

When a radical environmentalist group threatens the world rainbow will be pushed to the edge and back. Nature will be the dominant force on earth and man will be whittled down to just a select few True Believers.

Several weeks later, Chavez is deployed to Austria, where a group of left-wing German terrorists have taken over the schloss of a wealthy Austrian businessman, Erwin Ostermann, in order to obtain imaginary "special access codes" to the international trading markets.

This roller coaster of events ends up at the Olympics in Australia but they are not there to watch the events. They feel the earth is being ruined by humans and want to see it returned to nature and animals.

The book was just toooooooooooo loooooooooong for me given the events of the novel. A follower of Brightling, Bill Henriksen, is a security consultant who is attempting to win the security contract for the Olympic games.

Horizon has developed an anti-Shiva vaccine which will be administered to only a select few chosen by Brightling.

Rainbow Six - The Set-Up Summary & Analysis

This section contains words approx. The plan is to use the Olympics where people from virtually every country in the world are gathered, and infect athletes and spectators with a mutated form of Ebola which they would carry back to their countries.

The review of this Book prepared by Matt Parker The Rainbow organization has been created to help fight against terrorists and rescue hostages. At the same time, Rainbow suspects that there is a super terrorist behind the scenes stirring up the old terrorist network. Each side endeavors to discover the other, unwittingly working toward one another.

Department of the Interior by the U. The conspirators, staunch environmentalists, believe that the great proliferation of humanity is destroying the biosphere and that the optimum number of humans in the world should not exceed half a million. Clark and Popov both make progress in discovering each other.

Clark and his colleagues become suspicious about this flurry of activity from older terrorists. Clark, knowing that they may never be put on trial, tracks down the Brazilian hideout and deploys Rainbow to the location.

Rainbow Six Book Summary and Study Guide

That said, Clancy is a grandmaster of the big, global threatening, spy-guy thriller and he packs plenty of worthy into the narrative despite the occasional bout of overabundance. Little do they know, all but one of their operations have been set up as a distraction for a greater evil to thrive in.

It never got so bad that I was actually frustrated, but it got close a few times. When the disease starts breaking out in various countries, the Horizon Corporation would announce that it had developed a vaccine and is set to produce it on a large scale, and be hailed as a savior. Film adaptation[ edit ] In JulyParamount Pictures announced plans to make a film adaptation of the novel with Akiva Goldsman as producer.A Literary Analysis of Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy PAGES 2.

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Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six Summary & Study Guide

Most helpful essay resource ever! Rainbow Six Summary & Study Guide Tom Clancy This Study Guide consists of approximately 63 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Rainbow Six.

I chose Tom Clancy's Rainbow six because of my favoring of books militaristic in nature. Rainbow six was no let down; The story features John Clark, an ex-Navy SEAL, leading a multinational group of counter terrorist experts from different countries/5.

Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's 10th novel and ninth in the Jack Ryan/John Clark series, once more focuses on the ex-CIA paramilitary field officer known in the Agency as Mr.

Clark. Summary and reviews of Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, plus links to a book excerpt from Rainbow Six and author biography of Tom Clancy. Literary Analysis on Rainbow Six essaysI chose Rainbow Six for my reader analysis review because the main character trait is being a leader which there are many of, and because of the real life leadership application (and fiction is more fun to read).

By this I mean that it's not a book discuss.

Literary analysis of the book rainbow six by tom clancy
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