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Brewster Place is at once a warm, loving community and a desolate and blighted neighborhood on the verge of collapsing. She only wants the best for her daughter.

Eventually, she comes to understand the value of her relationship with Mattie. Kiss Of The Spidr Woman essay When one has read the book carefully, one will agree that Molina is more a tragic hero than a melodramatic heroine.

Her mother did not want her to live in the poor community, but Kiswana has her mind set on being there with her people. He moves from one woman to the next, always leaving before any problems or trouble can arise.

Although Brewster Place is a physical structure, it is personified and endowed with a spirit that brings it to life. Lucielia is heartbroken and devastated after Serena dies. First Ballantine Books Edition: She is certainly, the rebellion, free spirit that characterizes the young, and comes to a deep contrast with the past.

She changed her name and tried to wear an Afro, but her hair was so thin and fine-textured. Butch lives his life only for the moment. They may fuss and they may argue, but they are more alike than they realize. Etta has spent her life bouncing from one city and man to the next, constantly in search of the fulfillment of some unnamed desire.

She tries to fit in with the other women of Brewster Place but is rejected. Ballantine Books City Where Published: She is petty and vindictive, and her attacks on Lorraine are rooted in her own insecurities.

Kiswana Browne Essay

Some see each other weekly while others live in different cities or states. New York Date of latest copy: Her act of kindness provides Mattie with a home in which to raise her child. Kiswana Browne and her mother have a relationship like other mothers and daughters.

Therefore, she changed her Christian name to that of Kiswana so as to show how proud she is of her African origins and that is explained in The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users.

He is tormented by his memories and is constantly seeking solace in alcohol. A billionaire has created a technique to clone dinosaurs. In contrast with other young people who make their own revolution only in mind, Kiswana made it real her life completely.

Waste no more time! Kiswana Browne is definitely a heroine who will always lie behind young generations indifferent to their colour or the epoch they represent. He is killed by Lorraine. While fighting with Lucielia over his decision to leave her and Serena, Serena accidentally kills herself.

Mattie moves to Brewster Place late in life, after her son abandons her and forces her to lose her home. He indirectly passes his life philosophy on to Basil. Etta moves into Brewster Place late in life.

Read an in-depth analysis of Lorraine. She eventually finds comfort in Ben, whom she murders after being gang raped in an alley. When she arrives, she feels that her spirit has broken.

The Women of Brewster Place - Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis

Sophie is responsible for leading the campaign against Lorraine and Theresa. Browne is a prosperous, middle-aged black woman who lives in affluent Linden Hills. She still feels the guilt that all the kids have when they do something against their will, or want to hide a beloved secret.

Kiswana and he mother was not seeing eye-to-eye. Cora, from a young girl, is obsessed with new baby dolls, demanding a new one every Christmas of her childhood. In the beginning of the story, she sees her mother as distant and different.

He takes out on her, and the other residents of Brewster Place, his frustrated desires. She also explains that they do not have to live in Brewster Place to prove themselves to anyone. Kiswana, whose real name is Melanie, was born and raised in an affluent black suburb, Linden Hills.Kiswana Browne is definitely a heroine who will always lie behind young generations indifferent to their colour or the epoch they represent.

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Kiswana Browne lives in a sixth-floor studio apartment in Brewster Place. From her window, she can. Read Kiswana free essay and over 88, other research documents. Kiswana. Kiswana is a proud African American that dropped out of college for protesting on equal rights and a better community.

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