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He also found inspiration from the abstract Spanish painter Joan Miro. He studied with Benton for a total of three years. His alcoholism would later come back to haunt him and his works in later years and become the cause of his ultimate demise.

Three Picasso paintings in particular stuck with him through the years: They certainly made an impact, although most of the world did not know what to make out of them at first. This is when he began placing large canvases on the floor and creating his famous abstract works.

Cubism also left Pollock with no room to express his larger than life creativity and inner feelings. These drip paintings were first shown in I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc. The 9th Street Show from in New York, simply put New York on the map by gathering numerous names of the contemporary artists on both sides of the Atlantic, with a special accent on abstract expressionism.

Without knowing the formal rules of art, one could claim that the artist is unaware of what art really is. After they were introduced to the world, a critic actually characterized Pollock as "Jack the Dripper".

Jackson Pollock

View Full Essay Words: Before moving into his own innovative style, Pollock would have to learn the formal rules of art, as every accomplished artist does. He did not create these paintings in a realist manner, however. They are said to reflect both ecstasy and anxiety.

Through European Surrealism, he discovered the idea of automatic drawing and biomorphic forms. His reoccurring problem with alcoholism continuously interrupted his artistic career, however. InJackson Pollock entered psychotherapy for his alcoholism.

He included some distortion and his own stylistic attributes when creating human figures and colorful swirling environments. He said that these drip paintings presented him with "meaningful surprises". Benton was actually known for his mural and landscape paintings that show scenes from everyday life in the Midwest.

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Both artists included uses of linear, arrow like forms piercing circles. But he was an influence in a peculiar way, however. He included all of his inner feelings of anger and fear, which were possibly the product of the little As stated above, this artwork served a therapeutic purpose.

Pollock explained the result of their relationship best when he said, "My work with Benton was important as something against which to react very strongly, later on; in this, it was better to have worked with him than with a less resistant personality who would have provided a much less strong opposition.

Siquero also introduced Pollock to his later achieved drip and pour technique, which made him so famous. One of his greatest and most well-known drip paintings is titled "Autumn Rhythm".

This describes the term coined "action painting". He was the fifth and youngest son and grew up in Arizona and California after his family left him when he was a little over one year old.

I try to let it come through. These influences listed above provided the basis for what Jackson Pollock did through gaining experience after his graduation from the Art Students League and his employment by the WPA and his work with the Federal Art Project in Early in his career, Pollock began to maintain a drawing style, which can be described as quick and spontaneous.

Although the paintings of the abstract expressionists are unique as their individualities and life experiences were unique, they share one feature they break with conventions, adopting completely new ways of expression while admitting the.

These works captivated and scared his future wife, Lee Krasner, a painter herself. As an alternative to American Realism, Pollock began to look at the works of the European Surrealists. For him, the doctors saw that producing artwork could serve as a means of therapy for his problem with alcohol. Another major name in the abstract expressionist movement is that of Arschile Gorky.

This work was done through the years of toone of the few periods that Pollock succeeded in not drinking. This truly is the definition of real art.

Thus, the paintings of artists like Clyfford Still, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell, started to speak to the rest of the world at a scale comparable to the scale of their art works.

Thus, the paintings of artists like Clyfford Still, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell, started to speak to the rest of the world at a…… [Read More] By the mid twentieth century, New York became the center of the art world, as it managed to gather some of the most significant names in modern art at the time.

These Surrealist painters gave gesture painters like Pollock the "permission" to loosen their drawings and not abide by the stricter and more formal rules of earlier movements such as Cubism and Realism. His personal technique in gesture and action painting was applied as directly as possible.Jackson Pollock This Essay Jackson Pollock and other 64,+ term papers, was Jackson Pollock's first major influence in his early years as a painter.

But he was an influence in a peculiar way, however. In Pollock's late twenties and thirties he was also strongly affected by the Museum of Modern Art and the works shown there.

Picasso 4/4(1). The essay analyzes Jackson Pollock and his influence on the Modern Art. Pollock is important for a number of reasons: his development form representational to symbolic art, his unique technique and his influence on a host of other painters.

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Jackson Pollock and Art Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) - Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock are both regarded as being major influences within the movement of modern art.

During the peak of their careers their artwork took on very different styles. Mondrian was born inhe was a Dutch artist, is famously known for.

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Jackson pollocks influence on modern art essay
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