Grand canyon essay contest results

I love fruits and vegetables. Some exercise you can do to help get a strong heart are running, riding bikes, and yoga poses. Exercise makes our muscles and bones strong. When I do what I say that means I am being a good citizen.

The five food groups are fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. I like to be responsible and fair. Treat people nicely, kindly, the same way you want to be treated. We can take care by picking up trash from the road and putting the recycling in the recycle bin. Share and take turns.

The trees give oxygen. A strong body can make us have a happy life.

He loved to read and study and that helped him to invent good things. I like to have good character. I will try to be respectful and try not to talk over other people.

You can show you care to your mom and dad by helping them clean the house. Do the important things first. It is hard work but your brain gets smarter and you can write an essay like this one that I am writing. If you plant more trees you will get more oxygen in the air.

Caring about family and friends makes a wonderful world. Swimming helps us to build strong arm and legs. My favorite sports are swimming and skating. You could wrestle for fun, but you can not hurt any one on purpose. My Healthy Life by Olivia Z. I will try to follow these through my life.

I will care and share with all my friends.

Academic Awards

Skating helps me get good balance. Watermelon, strawberries, and broccoli are my favorite healthy foods. They are tasty and good for my body. You may also need lots of sleep. Healthy food can make us strong and happy. I learned to be a caring and responsible person. Sleeping daily is when our body rests and repairs itself.the #gcsg essay contest will be held during the spring term of the /19 school year with a starting date of january 21st.

CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILS IN LATE NOVEMBER. /18 #GCSG ESSAY RESULTS. This contest is administered and sponsored by Grand Canyon University, W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ and Suns Legacy Partners, L.L.C. aka the Phoenix Suns, E. Jefferson Street. The Grand Canyon State Games is proud to have offered the Essay Contest.

Once again, the contest succeeded in stimulating creativity and imagination as participants expressed their perspectives regarding significant personal. Schedule & Results; The Phoenix Suns and Grand Canyon University are proud to present a $10, tuition credit to the winner of the GCU/Phoenix Suns "Find Your Purpose" Online Essay Contest.

The results of the Grand Canyon State Games essay contests were announced Tuesday, and Keller Elementary won six awards.

Keller shines in state essay contests

Award winners In sixth grade, Kyra Hines earned honorable mention in the English Essay Contest. Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results Congratulations to the Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest winners and all the participants. We are proud of each and every one of you for your effort!

Grand canyon essay contest results
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