Find the one you love

So stop looking for The One to spend the rest of your life with. What if you peered into a fortune ball right now — this very second, today — and saw with indisputable clarity that you were never going to meet the love of your life?

I know, I know. How would you structure the rest of your life? Would you spend more time appreciating your family, if you knew that they are the people who will have loved you the most strongly at the end of your life?

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Would you show up a little more often, share a little more of your life? You could scale the corporate ladder. But you were expecting to meet someone you liked a fair amount. Or would you use the time to invest in yourself — go on a few more vacations, travel further outside your comfort zone?

The idea that someday somebody will love all our flaws is a subtle excuse not to work on them. We want someone to swoop in during our darkest hour and save us, but what if we knew they never would?

How would you get your blood pumping? You are going to be the person who shows up to accept your rewards. Would you nurture and care more for the people who love you platonically if you knew that nobody would ever love you romantically? If you knew that you would never again feel the rush of budding romance, where would you turn to for your thrills?

But ponder it a few moments more. What about your long-term plans? What about your life would that knowledge change? The principle of two halves making a whole restrains us from becoming our own better half. Someone to curl up next to at the end of a long day, who would take care of you when you got sick and listen to your stories every evening after work.

We could construct our soul mates in ourselves. And what about your other relationships — would they suddenly take on more weight? You could live on every continent.

And the guarantee of its absence may just be the ultimate sense of liberation. Live your life as if you are the love of it. Would it have a heavier focus on career, a stronger inclination toward success? And let everybody else come searching for you.Allowing the right person into your life through chance is much less exhausting than seeing every person as potentially being the “one” for you.

Allowing love to find you will feel less stressful and more like a match made in heaven, rather than something that is fake and contrived.

Love Smart: Find the One You Want--Fix the One You Got [Dr. Phil McGraw] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Love Smart: Find the One You Want -- Fix the One You Got, bestselling author Dr.

Phil tells people who are dissatisfied with their love lives to stop making excuses and start taking action. You deserve a /5(). When Will You Find True Love? Take this quiz to find out the the exact moment true love will be found.

Why You Only Find Love When You Stop Looking For It

*No guarantees*. Quizzes Quiz Personality Quiz Best Boyfriend Love Lover Man Name Partners Relationship Follow By continuing to use the Playbuzz Platform, you. and you’ve seen others find their match and build something great together, of each other, like two halves fitting perfectly and now they achieve great things one by one, always together, and it seems grand.

But you love him. Love him like a black stone in your chest you couldn’t live without because it fits in there. 15 Ways Your World Changes When You Finally Find The Right One. By Samantha Lebbos. Mar 4 Love. What a sh*tty word. If there is one person you love to hug, keep that person in your life.

Find the one you love
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