Explain and briefly evaluate how males

Both theories discuss sex differences in mate preferences, jealousy, and aggression. Research shows that job applicants with a criminal record are much less likely than those without a record to be hired Pager, Briefly explain the securemail? This is a derivative of Sociology: It is not writing per se that matters but how students interact with the material through writing that matters.

Justice Quarterly, 26, — What are any two assumptions of feminist perspectives on deviance and crime? A Primer on crime and delinquency theory 3rd ed. The marital system is based on the man being the breadwinner and the woman being a homemaker.

Briefly explain your key strengths for the receptionist?

And this is why it is important for instructors to analyze how students learn or fail to learn the subject you teach. An overview of general strain theory. There is good evidence that when students are deluged with information, they resort to rote learning strategies. And this is actually to be expected.

Girls, women, and crime. Such differences challenge us to see that in the lives of women, men have a great deal more to learn. Because Merton developed his strain theory in the aftermath of the Great Depression, in which the labor and socialist movements had been quite active, it is not surprising that he thought of rebellion as a logical adaptation of the poor to their lack of economic success.

The more attached we are to our families and schools, the less likely we are to be deviant. Conclusion There are indeed sex differences and explanations for the reasons behind them by both evolutionary psychology and social structural theory.

One problem centers on the chicken-and-egg question of causal order. In this way, a normal social process, socialization, can lead normal people to commit deviance.

Explain and Briefly Evaluate How Feminine Identities Are Developed

Now in the next three minutes I want you to answer this question. What are any two criminogenic social or physical characteristics of urban neighborhoods? Engage students in performances of understanding.

Or ask students to read their responses in class, discuss them, and then further develop the ideas. See the animation at the link below. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

Briefly explain how scanner work?Explain and briefly evaluate how males are socialised into traditional masculinities Hegemonic masculinity describes the patriarchal working class males, those who have labouring or manual jobs.

Informal Writing Assignments (Writing to Learn)

He has to be physically tough and dominant to assert his masculinity. He is definitely heterosexual, technically competent, is sexist and aggressive. Men & Women; Justice & Compassion ; To explain how two separate more perspectives can exist in parallel, Gilligan uses the analogy of an ambiguous figure, well-known phenomenon of visual perception.

Kohlberg's theory canonized the justice perspective favored by males because he and most of his subjects were male.

Feminist theory provides one of the major contemporary approaches to sociology, with its critical interrogation of power, domination, and inequality.

Psychoanalytic feminists attempt to explain power relations between men and women by reformulating Freud's theories of human emotions, childhood development, and the workings of the. X and Y chromosomes; Females have two X chromosomes; males have one X and one Y chromosome.

Using an example, explain how a small change in a person's DNA can cause a genetic disorder. In cystic fibrosis, for example, the deletion of three DNA bases alters the structure of a pro- tein and prevents its normal function.

· Connel argues that there are a range of masculinities in the contemporary UK. These are socially constructed sets of expectations about how men. Informal Writing Assignments (Writing to Learn) evaluate for engagement & effort; way to monitor student understanding that works well in large classes is to ask students at the end of the period to explain briefly in writing what they thought were: 1) the big point (or main idea) they learned in class and 2) the main unanswered.

Explain and briefly evaluate how males
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