Essay on autobiography of a river

Here I leap from one rock to another. I am the witness of many people to be born in this world and depart from there. This electricity is cheaper. They ply boats and steamers along my surface. Dams have been built to store excess water, which is to be used for agricultural purposes during the dry season.

The soil that I carry along with me is very fertile and extremely good for agriculture. I am an object of worship to the Hindus. I was generated from the Himalayas — thousands of years ago. In my upper course, people have built up towns of pilgrimage. I am myself a deity to thousands of people of the country.

My water is also used for bathing, household chores and for drinking as well. But sometimes, I go mad and play havoc. Many big cities are situated on my banks. I am that bigger stream.

304 Words Essay on the Autobiography of a River

I wash away my banks. This is known as a waterfall. During the rainy seasons my surface rises and I overflew the banks causing flood. They use my water for drinking and other purposes. I was born thousands of years ago.

You may laugh if you like. The electricity that is generated here helps industry to grow and also helps the people living in the area in the occupation and trade.


I was born a long time ago in an ambiguous region in a mountain. I was born long ago in an obscure place in a mountain. During the rainy season I carry large quantities of rain-water from the mountain. I have no rest. I started to get more and more polluted, getting choked in the chemicals and waste.

They regard me as very sacred. What can I do if huge quantities of rainwater flow down me from the mountain? I have importance in my own way. Here I pass through the paddy fields, forests and thickly populated inhabitations. The era of humankind had begun. Leaving the upper plains behind I reach the lower plains.

The first drop of rain to fall on the mountain crater. People make feel very important since they feel I am sacred, holy and a source of life. My body remains very much extended and I maintain a slow motion when I am in the plains. Even the sanctity offer to the altars by sprinkling my water.Autobiography of a River.

Date Submitted: 01/30/ AM; Essay Grade: no grades Report this Essay; OPEN DOCUMENT. Born in the lap of the Himlayas, I have been flowing towards the sea for ages, through hills and valleys and planes by earning love and good wishes of. Several townships have developed along my banks, which have commercial and economic importance.

These townships have a varied culture as well. I have become a platform for trade and commerce. Read this Autobiography of “River” in Hindi language.

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Essay on Autobiography of a River Ganga (650 Words)

Autobiography It was a normal afternoon and I was on the bus coming home from school. Steph, my sister, would have been with me but today she was at a friend's house. More about project on autobiography of river. The Holy River of India-River Ganges Words | 39 Pages; Cultural Autobiography Free Essay on Festivals of India is home of thousands of articles published by users like YOU.

Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. There are many fables about my birth. And how I was born is a wonderful thing.

I come down from the Himalayas and flow into the plains of Central India, eastward finding my way into the Bay of.

Essay on autobiography of a river
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