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On most modern motorcycles there are adjustments for both the compression and rebound damping both front and rear, along with the ability to change the oil weight. If this happens, it means the next spring available either heavier or softer is probably going to be on your shopping list.

I was browsing the web one night and came accross his website, Calisuperbikes. An unbelievable speed of 95mph was attained and the tachometer never touched red. Pertaining to bodies at rest or equilibrium. In fact unless you have state of the art data logging equipment and a shock dyno, the decision of how to change your bike will fall somewhere between the observation of a technician whoever you talk about suspension with and the feedback given by the rider you.

Good luck with your riding. Its hard enough to inspire confidence and plush enough to absorb bumps. To be effective, the measurements need to be done with the normal weight load i. After starting it however, I went to change the oil and It came out white as milk.

Photographer and Executive Editor Alfonse Palaima would shepherd the whole crew along. In the mean time I managed to get the bike running, but by that time it was in the dead of winter and way too cold to safely ride here in Indiana.

I tend to get about mpg depending on how civilised I ride, so about 35mpg. It should be an easy fix, but I really just dont have any use for it if I get a k7. Having said that-its just an amazing bike! After removing the stator, I could see the carrillo rods with the wiseco pistons.

The rear sag should be somewhere between zero and 10 millimetres and the front between 20 and 30 millimetres. At the end of my patience, I ended up purchasing a new lock set to see if it was even running. If you find your bike is either less or more than this, simply adjust the preload either harder or softer using the preload adjuster, until it falls within this range.

Lets say you did everything right in setting the sag and the one G test, but your suspension is bottoming out using too much of its available travel. I had acquired enough money to walk in a dealer and pick up the new K7 GSXR and was debating my options on what to purchase.

I do however have the complete working supercharger kit in my possesion along with the 05 motor and some other little pieces here and there that I figured I would be more worthwhile posting of on the forums then on ebay. If you are a courier for example and carry a reasonable weight on the back of the bike for a large percentage of the time, or you only ever ride with a pillion in place, it would be a good idea to simulate that situation for the purpose of measuring.

Back to the top Part 3 - The One G Test The One G Test backs up what we have already done in setting the static sag of the motorcycle, and takes into account the particular weight load that is going to be carried and the way the bike is going to be used.

As you change the preload to suit one of the settings, you may find that it makes the suspension fall out of the ideal range in the other areas. I flushed the oil half a dozen times and it still came out looking like creamy milk.

The ideal scene is to have the swept area the total amount of travel used to be only slightly smaller than the total travel available.

SUZUKI GSX-R1000 (2005-2006) Review

Before delving into the specifics of setting up the damping, it is important to realise that both ends of the bike will effect each other in their set up. This is where riders get lost in trying to correct a handling problem, and place the whole process of correcting suspension into the too hard basket.

Unload the suspension fully by taking the weight off it and measure as shown in pictures 1 and 2. Engine 5 out of 5 Just because I was curious, I tested the limits of 1st gear up to redline.

To each his own. As delivered we had no complaints about suspension settings for our street ride, For the track, Lee said the ergonomics were "perfect", with "good leverage from the bars" and an "all-business" cockpit.

The exact measurement for what to set the static sag at will differ from bike to bike, rider to rider, and will vary depending on how the bike is to be used. Best sandwich for whom? If you were to arrive at this point, speaking with an expert as opposed to "pub experts" is really the only course of action.

Choose Your Weapon: Best of the Best, 2006

As mentioned earlier, there will be some differences from bike to bike and rider to rider, depending on how you are using your bike, but it should always fall within this range.

Back to the top Part 2 - Setting the sag As mentioned in part one, setting the static sag of the motorcycle is the starting point to getting your bike in the realm of using the suspension correctly.Mar 29,  · I noticed recently my 07 GSXR is sputtering pretty bad when running at low RPM.

The issue mainly happens in 1st-3rd gear. May Location look behind you. Posts 13, "cleaning" spark plugs? I havent heard of anyone doing that in a LONG time.

we just put NEW plugs in. Iridiums if you can help it. 07 GSXR sputtering issues. this rectifier is very poor in my opinion and does not belong in the price range for my gsxr maybe 15 bucks.

update, still no reply or contact from seller about faulty product and a refund/return. 0 Comment Report abuse out of 5 stars It's Rick's, so I assume it's going to work. By Amazon Amazon Business Everything For. Jan 27,  · I found what looks to be a good deal on a GSXR for $ (or what i brought the price down to) bike has only miles and a little scratch on the side but i can replace the fairing for $ GSXR Vs.

GSXR cc? So I'm upgrading from my ninja Report Abuse. I think this question Status: Resolved. Choose Your Weapon: Best of the Best, Suzuki GSXR v. GSXR v. Triumph Daytona. Jun 07,  · Its apparent he is in hiding and no longer doing business.

But this is still not enough for me or anyone else Im sure. "Kawi's are like toilets,everyone craps or pisses on em!\.

Nov 23,  · SUZUKI GSX-R () Review. Several moto magazine journalists have made reference to this bike year and model as a standard to judge the 5/5.

Doing business report 2006 gsxr
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