Challenges in namibian education

There are scheduled days of instruction. About 95 percent of school age children attend school and the number of teachers has increased by almost 30 percent since Some teachers will try to get other teachers to provide work each day for their classes, and while that is good, there is nothing that can take the place of a real teacher.

It aims at giving children from poor backgrounds access to pre-primary education and is aimed at children between the ages of five and six. The subjects are similar to what we have at home. Namibia is a very young country, both in years and demographics.

Last year I marked exams each term. A National Conference on Education, running from 27 June to 1 Julywas conferred to address the most pressing issues. The schools and the education system are certainly no exception.

Learning from other students with a totally different background from you can be a real asset. Ohangwena Region - 27 of the primary schools have introduced pre-primary education. In Namibia, you could miss school all term, show up for the exam, pass highly and pass the grade. Additionally the quality of education, quality of teachers and the performance of learners is unsatisfactory.

Namibia: Education System Faces Many Challenges

This institution evaluates and accredits national institutions and degrees, as well as foreign qualifications of people who wish to demonstrate the national equivalence of their degrees earned abroad.

In my grade 11 register class one of my learners was absent 63 days in the school year.

Often times when I sit down to blog, I think of explaining life this way because while many things unite humanity, there are certainly things that are very different about life in Namibia.

English has 3 exams- reading and directed writing, listening comprehension and writing. Living abroad in London I did not feel the same way. This is especially good for people who live far away from town. It is faced with serious weaknesses in the provision of education to all.

The programme requires the implementation of pre-primary education at primary schools. School begins at 7: The infrastructure is more developed than in many African countries with paved roads and clinics and schools. Variety -I was impressed with how many subjects you can take at school in Namibia.

Technology is making education more available and affordable for people all over the world. There is tea break during the school day from 9: Certificates are really important in the Namibian education system.

Dropout rates have also plummeted. If that happens, their option is to then go to Namcol and take the exam again. Paperwork — Being a teacher in Namibia means dealing with a lot of paperwork.

Teachers are paid well in Namibia, and it is a highly sought-after job. List of schools in Namibia Secondary education stretches over a period of 5 years from Grade 8 to Grade There are eight classes a day and each class is 40 minutes long.

Education in Namibia

Double periods are more common among older learners. If my learners could master everything on the syllabus, they would be in excellent shape.Jun 23,  · There will always be challenges. Here are some of the good things about the Namibian education system that I’ve noticed: Being innovative – Namcol, Namibian College of Open Learning, offers distance is especially good for people who live far away from town.

The Namibian Education System: Who Is Failing The Nation? Academic advise should be constantly provided to boost the morale of teachers, especially those faced with challenges in their teaching.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Challenges In Namibian Education. The Namibian education system still face many stumbling blocks including high repetition and drop-out rates, inequality in the quality of teachers and schools in rural and urban areas as well as a.

THE Namibian education system is facing many challenges. Deputy Minister of Education David Namwandi said yesterday that among these challenges are a lack of learning and teaching materials, lack. NATIONAL REPORT ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN NAMIBIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION: GENEVA The challenges for the education sector in Namibia are to translate this vision into realistic and The Namibian economy is closely linked to South Africa with the Namibian.

Challenges in namibian education
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