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In addition, spouses have the right to equal management and control of all community property. There is nothing in the facts to suggest that H consented to this sale. But, a better discussion would also address the potential remedies available to H: Sometimes, the fact pattern will have one spouse selling or giving away something that is arguably the separate property of the other spouse.

I have seen bolding continue for entire pages. I hope you find this helpful. Understand that every bar round examinees seek my help in evaluating their past exam answers.

The issue of equal management and control comes up usually in the context where one spouse is selling community property without the consent of the non-selling spouse. However on some bar rounds, the essay and pt answers are spaced out oddly, intended indentions for headings might be spaced out very differently than the examiner intended.

I am not trying to alarm you. However, you should know that very often what you see on your computer screen during the exam is not necessarily ow what your grader will see it — at least not always in terms of the pagination, spacing and formatting of your exam.

Also, I want to share some insights on how to format your essays. Formatting Your Essays Hello all, Wishing everyone the very best of luck in their studies. I want to share both the question and answer with you. Very often the fact pattern involves selling off household furnishings which is community property.

All the best of luck to you in your studies! Some years, exams that are returned to examinees print out exactly as they remember typing it in. You have a few options. As a result, I have seen thousands of examinees answers over the years.

Most of the time, Exam Soft works perfectly and there are no glitches. Use a heading so that the graders see — at a glance — that you correctly identified the issue. But, far better to have the discussion and set yourself apart.


Now you could — depending upon time — end it here as many fail to address it at all — it is an easy issue to miss. Most of the time everything goes smoothly.

Equal Management and Control. So, where does it go in the approach? Therefore, buyer can not be a BFP. This means that something was off during that bar round. Here is my answer to her question: It is because of what can happen in Exam Soft.

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Since you do not have our Community Property Cram Sheet, I will share an exceerpt so that you have the steps and hopefully my answer to her question will make sense to you.

Here is how you should handle this issue. Here, buyer paid only one dollar for all of the household furniture. This way, the grader will see, at a glance, what you intended to be a heading regardless of whether Exam Soft is working perfectly or not.

I have seen very odd spacing where it is not clear which words the examinee intended to serve as a heading.

Stay positive and believe in yourself. For more information, see this prior post. Hi Lisa, I have a quick question about the essay approach for community property: Instead, it is something that I see with several examinees exam answers for that same bar round.View Test Prep - July bar exam from LAW at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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One of my Bar Exam Cram and Prediction's students asked me a question today about Community Property. I want to share both the question and answer with you. Also, I want to share some .

California bar july 2013 essays
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