Aspects of the teens life that can have an effect on their performance in school

Pros On the other hand, there are many huge educational benefits when the Internet and social media are used wisely. Many teens usually spend sleepless nights on social media without the knowledge of their parents. It helps people find and connect with their community.

A study at UCLA showed that the influence of others on social media can be very strong on teens despite online acquaintances being relative strangers. Since the teenager and the parent live in different worlds, they both may experience feelings of disconnect.

This association, however, was only seen in girls. Our brains shift to alpha waves and this flow, as it is called, has been linked to learning and talent development. Furthermore, if the teacher suffers from a classroom management problem, such as extreme authoritarianism, the classroom environment might hinder fruitful class discussions and collaborative learning.

Many children feel more comfortable with virtual friends than with real ones. Single parents often must take on more hours at work to meet financial responsibilities, which can lead to children feeling neglected and acting out, and cause them to experience the effects of economic instability mentioned above.

It breaks down physical, geographical, and cultural barriers. A look at the effects of Facebook on teens highlights that many who frequently check their profiles have lower grades and lower reading retention. They would want to be liked even more by people they actually know and care about. A spokeswoman for the National Union of Teachers said research on school buildings, housing estates and other areas had always pointed to the improvements in behaviour that come from pleasant, well maintained surroundings.

Teenagers have more access to dialogues about politics, religion, racism, sexism, and other cultural biases. This disconnect from personal interactions is believed to be responsible for the rise of cyberbullying.

According to him, "Various reports suggest that about eighty-three percent of American youth use their phones for email, mobile internet, and texting [ You can connect with teachers, coaches, experts, and collaborate with peers.

From hours per day maximum. Pros However, shifting the focus of social connections to a device has its positives. Children who have parents who encourage academic success are more likely to develop their own aspirations for higher education.

According to The New York Times, kids from ages eight to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day on electronic devices.

Factors That Affect Student Performance

It facilitates communication and gives access to real time understanding. Parental Attitudes Toward Education Children learn first by mimicking behavior they see modeled for them.

The reason, Lister-Landman suggests, may lie in gender differences regarding why teens text. This is often because single-parent homes feature parents struggling with their own feelings of depression and anxiety, accomplishing household responsibilities previously held by two people and meeting more financial demands.Surveys show it has become their preferred form of communication, with adolescents sending and receiving an average of texts per day.

What Are the Effects of High School Students Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Most of the discussions surrounding texting and teens have focused on the effect texting has on social skills and face-to-face social interactions, as well as it being a dangerous distraction while Founded: Sep 18, Mar 21,  · Researchers have found that teens can actually show symptoms similar to drug withdrawal when removed from their social media connections.

The urge to constantly record and share everything we experience actually has Reviews: LtL hopes its research will prompt local education authorities to increase spending on school grounds, "now that the benefits to the children and to their local communities have been clearly proven".

In schools that can’t afford more teachers or building expansions, classes sometimes become overcrowded to the point that children learn under trees and teachers have to spend more time on ‘classroom’ management than on teaching, which can result in lower student performance.

Effect of High School Shootings on Schools and Student Performance 3 something. Thus, exposure to violent crimes causes PTSD and poor mental health that dimin. The survey of 1, teenagers, ages 13 to 17, and 1, adults was conducted online last August and found many teens reporting being overwhelmed or depressed because of their high stress levels.

Aspects of the teens life that can have an effect on their performance in school
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